Advantages of Urban Fitness

Urban Fitness - Vantaggi
Defines the body by strengthening the key muscle groups

Muscles need stimulation to be activated.  On a daily basis these stimulations are activated through the central nervous system and are transmitted by the spinal cord and by nerve fibers in the spine to the appropriate muscles.  These endogenous stimuli are part of our electric nature.  The EMS technology is nothing more than a strengthening of the body’s electric stimuli, coming from the outside.

The best results are obtained when exercise is combined with the electric stimulus: with the Urban Fitness method, in any exercise that requires muscle contraction, there is an external electric impulse, so that the muscle feels and extra impulse of tension, with an optimal frequency and thus the stimulus is more effective.

Increases basal metabolism, thus indirectly affecting weight loss.

With the Urban Fitness method you can obtain, in only three months, results that would otherwise be achieved after years of training.  You will immediately benefit from the advantages of the EMS technology associated with isometric exercise: the quantity of fat and weight are reduced, muscles toned, and body form and problem zones become toned and sculpted.

Improves blood and lymphatic circulation

A direct consequence of the electric impulse that works on the muscle is certainly the increase in local blood circulation, the acceleration of cellular exchange and the improvement of skin tissue.

Diminishes back pain and eliminates contractions

The deep stimulation acts on the multifidus muscle that is responsible for most back pain.  The electrical impulses, along with special postures suggested by the personal trainer, allow for the reduction of back pain and the elimination of muscle contractions.

Rehabilitates after traumas or accidents

All muscle groups can be trained and stimulated in a more or less intense way, according to the program and predicted intensity.  The training is configured in a totally personalized manner in order to respond to the individual needs of each user, intervening where there are specific problems.

Prevents osteoporosis

Low voltage electro stimulation is able to act upon the process of reduction of bone density triggered by osteoporosis.  The electric impulses are used for the stimulation of the rebalancing of the entire metabolism and can indirectly favour the slowdown in the loss of bone minerals.