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It is a training that uses the EMS technology.  It utilizes a console that independently controls the muscle groups in the legs, gluteus, abdomen, back and arms.  These currents of muscular stimulation can vary in intensity, activating a higher or lower number of fibers according to the users characteristics.  In this way we can complete different types of training: toning, cardiovascular, elimination of toxins, anti-cellulite or relaxation.

This is how Urban Fitness works.

In one session you can burn up to 800Kcal due to the large energy expenditure, but the most evident effect on weight loss is due to the increase in basal metabolism.  The muscles activated with EMS, in fact, consume more even when you are not training.  Therefore, if associated with a correct nutritional strategy, it is the most effective method for losing weight and keeping it off.

Discover the advantages of Urban Fitness

The standard workout (one time per week) brings an improvement in muscle tone: results are visible after only 3 months. The intensive workout (twice per week), with adequate protein integration can have effects on strength and muscle mass.

Discover the advantages of Urban Fitness

EMS on its own makes you sweat very little, but if it is associated with more advanced movements that involve the entire body, especially during summer, sweating is activated, particularly in those more prone to sweat.  The Center provides showers.
A session of Urban Fitness lasts from 15 to 20 minutes.
The training plan is completed based on your necessities and your objectives.  In general, an intensive program with the Urban Fitness method consists in two workouts per week, at least two days apart, while a standard or maintenance program foresees one session per week.
Nothing.  We provide everything.  We will provide you with workout clothes in technical material.
We guarantee a training program which is totally personalized and followed by highly personalized staff.
One of the key benefits of the Urban Fitness method is its ability to adapt itself to every type of user, due to the different types of training that can be completed using the same console.  Training for general reinvigoration, ideal for users that do little physical activity; specific toning for athletes; muscle maintenance for the elderly and other programs such as electrocombat, runs, specific sport exercises (golf, swimming, boxing, judo, etc).  It is a method that is indicated for people of any age, from 18 to 70 years old.
Yes, because since it is a method of muscular activation, it helps diminish the tension provoked by incorrect posture.  Our programs are also useful for people with scoliosis, osteoporosis, muscle cramps, or for those that have recently completed a medical rehabilitation and need to return to an active lifestyle.
All of our members must have a medical certificate of general good health.

The Urban Fitness method is contraindicated for people with pacemakers, those suffering from hypertension, abdominal hernias, tuberculosis or tumors, or for pregnant women.

At the time of membership a consent form will need to be signed and the medical certificate will be needed from the first session.

They are nutritional supplements that contribute to muscle recovery and fiber repair.  They are not obligatory, but strongly advised, in order to facilitate recovery after the workout.  They are included in the membership, but must be purchased separately for those that opt for the book of entrance passes.