How does Urban Fitness work?


Reserve your trial session.  Call us now!

Choose between membership or book of single entrance passes.

Membership: 1 day per week at a pre-set time and nutritional integration included

  1. Silver Card – quarterly
  2. Gold Card– biannual
  3. Platinum Card- yearly

Book of entrance passes: day and time flexible (with reservation).

Every member has his own personal membership card and can choose to rent or purchase the necessary technical clothing.


Leave your gym bag at home!
We give you everything you need.

Change in one of the 3 changing rooms available and during the session leave your clothes in a locker.

Wear the technical clothing and follow your personal trainer’s instructions.


In one month you will already have benefits and after only
3 months you will be in perfect shape and feel better::

  • You will have toned and defined muscles
  • You will notice weight loss and a reduction in cellulite
  • Circulation will improve
  • Back pain will be reduced

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