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Goals you can reach with Urban Fitness powered by Symbiont


Do you want to get back in shape? Are you a new mum that want to get back in shape after pregnancy? whatever your reason is, these are the results you can achieve in only 2 months with the urban fitness method dedicated to weight loss

  • Average loss of 4 kg of body fat
  • Visible improvement of skin firmness and reduction of skin sagging
  • Visible increase of muscle tone
  • Decrease of water retention


Do you want to increase your muscle mass and to feel good with your body shape? Here are some details on the intensive muscle toning journey with Urban Fitness.

  • Increase strength and muscular power
  • Improve your muscle shape
  • Works on superficial and deep fiber
  • Shape and improve your body


The office life ruined your posture? Do you need to recover after an injury? The custom functional recovery journey by Urban Fitness is what you need

  • Relieves backpain
  • Improves your posture
  • Helps to take care of metabolic pathologies
  • Prevents osteoporosis and sacropenia